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AccessSync is driven by veteran leadership, leveraging decades of market access learnings, results, and relationships across manufacturer and agency roles. This experience and perspective shapes how we integrate consulting, creative, and technology solutions to deliver maximum value in every engagement.

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Tate Rarick | Managing Director

An innovator in biopharma market access, Tate currently leads AccessSync in providing integrated solutions for life sciences manufacturers. This includes developing data-driven strategies and tactics implemented through proprietary technologies to deliver maximum impact.


Tate’s involvement in biopharma started with managing strategic customer marketing initiatives at Johnson & Johnson.  He then founded Profero Group in 2004 in response to an emerging need for partners capable of both developing and implementing comprehensive access marketing strategies and tactics. He led Profero for 14 years, building a multi-disciplinary team and expanding capabilities to service clients representing over 50 brands across 30 therapeutic areas. He is also a current member of the Elandas Inc. Advisory Board, where he leverages his unique industry experience to help direct strategic development of next generation market access technology solutions. Prior to launching his biopharma career, Tate spent time evaluating and implementing strategic alliances with American Express and Rosenbluth International, and managing key accounts for Tokyo-based Riken Technos Corporation. 


Tate holds a Bachelor’s in Economics from the University of Delaware, a Master’s in East Asian Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from The Wharton School in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management. He is also an Advisor to the Horn Program in Entrepreneurship at the University of Delaware.

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Ryan Roberts CEO


Ryan is a co-founder and CEO at Elandas, with 20 years of experience developing software solutions and applying technology to make clients’ marketing and sales organizations efficient, connected, and informed. 


Ryan’s involvement in biopharma started with developing an award-winning marketing solution for Johnson & Johnson in 2005.  He co-founded Elandas in 2010 in response to an emerging need for products that focused on the unique challenges faced by market access leaders and their cross-functional teams. Since that time, Elandas products have been called on to drive the growth of over 50 brands across many therapeutic areas. Prior to founding Elandas, Ryan was a consultant with KPMG Consulting, helping his clients implement closed-loop marketing, customer relationship management, and analytical solutions.


Ryan holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of New Brunswick. He is also a member of the Wallace McCain Institute for Business Leadership’s Entrepreneurial Leaders Program and a former participant of Propel ICT, a nationally recognized accelerator program.

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Aaron van Vulpen
Senior Director, Technology

A seasoned technology executive and systems analyst with a penchant for solving problems and streamlining business processes in the pharmaceutical field, Aaron leads technology, software development, and is responsible for building scalable, quality products, as well as growing the engineering team.

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Brent MacDonald

Senior Director,
Finance & Operations

An experienced tech executive with a specialization in commercializing analytics and business intelligence software, Brent leads finance and operations at AccessSync to optimize company revenue operations, sales, and our marketing approach.

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Karen Schaffer
Director, Business Engagements

A proactive and thought-provoking leader, Karen oversees client engagements and is dedicated to developing innovative marketing initiatives that address key customer issues.

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Henry Oyewole
Director, Business Analytics

A seasoned market access data professional with in-depth knowledge of payer analytics and datasets, Henry leads our integration and analysis of client data to solve access challenges throughout each phase of a product's lifecycle.

AccessSync Tracy Snyder.png

Tracy Snyder
Director, Creative Engagements

A versatile leader with a focus on specialty products, Tracy leads the AccessSync Creative Team to deliver innovative creative campaigns for maximum impact.

AccessSync Gwen Coveny.png

Gwen Coveny
Director, Operations

A multi-faceted leader dedicated to process excellence, Gwen develops, refines, and implements our operating standards to ensure maximum efficiency while maintaining unwavering quality standards.

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