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Elandas enables our clients to break through barriers to success by providing unparalleled control and visibility to your organization’s data, resources, and results to optimize activities across all functional areas. Our software products have been driving operational excellence in the biopharmaceutical market for over 15 years, and our new Software as a Service (SaaS) product and supporting services deliver an integrated set of solutions to an increasingly complex market access ecosystem.

In June 2022, Elandas announced a merger with long-standing partner AccessSync®, LLC, a US-based strategic market access services provider in biopharma. AccessSync works with clients to identify, share, and act on market access opportunities, ensuring innovative products reach appropriate patients.


As one company, now known as AccessSync®, our team delivers a fully integrated market access platform elevating strategic planning and pull-through performance to empower our clients.


To learn more about our organization, visit:

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