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AccessSync Ryan Roberts

Ryan Roberts

As the CEO of AccessSync and the previous CEO of Elandas, which merged with AccessSync in 2022, Ryan is focused on developing software solutions and applying technology to make clients’ marketing and sales organizations efficient, connected, and informed. 


Ryan’s involvement in biopharma started with developing an award-winning marketing solution for Johnson & Johnson in 2005.  He co-founded Elandas in 2010 in response to an emerging need for products that focused on the unique challenges faced by market access leaders and their cross-functional teams. Since that time, Elandas/AccessSync products have been called on to drive the growth of over 50 brands across many therapeutic areas. Prior to founding Elandas, Ryan was a consultant with KPMG Consulting, helping his clients implement closed-loop marketing, customer relationship management, and analytical solutions.


Ryan holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of New Brunswick. He is also a member of the Wallace McCain Institute for Business Leadership’s Entrepreneurial Leaders Program and a former participant of Propel ICT, a nationally recognized accelerator program.

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